Healthy Fitness Food at Casa Tekne

„Exercise is king, nutrition is queen, with Tekne you have the kingdom.“ Fat loss is achieved by the right mixture and balance between diet and exercise, which is about 70/30. This is why we put great emphasis on healthy and nutritious food throughout your stay at Casa Tekne. Our diet is delicious but also healthy. It boosts your metabolism so as to help you reduce more body fat. Results are quick and long-lasting.

Enjoy Our Delicious Tekne Cuisine

  • From garden to table: 80 % of our menus are plant based. All vegetables are freshly picked from our organic garden.
  • Healthy ingredients only: We only use good oils and fresh herbs. Cutting out sugar, chemicals, and additives will let you enjoy a full detox experience.
  • Designed for athletes: Added protein supports your athletic training results.
  • Fat loss: Our menus are neither paleo nor low-carb. We give you just the right amount of carbohydrates to provide you with the energy you need to maximise your performance at your workout sessions.
  • No need to starve: Re-train your portion habits.
  • Be inspired: Our chefs are happy to share with you our healthy menu ideas.
  • All welcome: Our chefs cater for everyone, vegan to carnivores.

Want to get the taste of delicious food that boosts your metabolism?
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