Fitness Holidays Ibiza: Experience the Unique Tekne Approach

Our fitness retreats may focus on different aims, but  are always designed to make things fun as well as challenging.

We are not a bootcamp.
In small groups, you get the personal coaching you need to achieve your goals.

During your 6 days fitness holidays, we encourage full range of motion and include flexibility training, helping you perform with great technique.

Each of our programs comprises of a unique and varied daily schedule that all takes place either at the beach, or our fully equipped gym. A typical day consists of 4 brilliant sessions.

Fitness Retreats Ibiza: A Typical Day with Us

We typically start the day with yoga sessions in the morning focusing on flexibility and alignment. Yoga prepares the body and mind for the strength and cardio circuits and amazing activities that follow.

Focus is also given to correct posture, especially during our gymnastics sessions and intelligent movement classes, which playfully help you promote your co-ordination skills and physical intelligence.

Fighting classes like boxing or kick-boxing are great fun and enhance your reflex and reaction times.

In our roller seminar we show you how to use the roller to iron out tired muscles.

Massages and spa treatments are available to energise and invigorate. We also take our relaxing by the pool pretty seriously, too.

We also want to show you around the beautiful island of Ibiza. Amazing activities like hiking, horse-riding, bicycling, and kayaking to explore the island are also ingredients of an unforgettable holiday!

Time Activity
7:30 Yoga session
9:00 Healthy breakfast
10:30 Strength circuit
12:00 Snack
13:00 Delicious lunch
15:00 Horse riding
17:00 Snack
18:00 Flexibility training
19:00 Dinner

Are you ready for a luxurious holiday that will boost your fitness? Check out our upcoming fitness retreats!