Get high in Ibiza with Tekne Fitness Retreats

At Tekne Retreats Ibiza we offer great ways to get high and stay high without the hangover.

All of the chemical ways to get high trigger a release of chemicals already found in the body, they do not add anything but toxins. Many of the rushing high feelings come as a result of your body jumping into over drive to expel the poison.

These are our 9 recommendations of healthy highs:

  1. Laughing

    Laughter’s a funny thing. It’s contagious. The very act of producing the muscular contractions responsible for laughter release beta-endorphins. And there’s nothing like a belly laugh, this is my all time favourite way to get high

    Boxing training fun Tekne Fitness Retreats Ibiza

    If you come on your own or with some friends, it will be hard not to join in the fun at Tekne Retreats Ibiza.



  2. Exercice

    Studies indicate that it takes about an hour of endurance training for beta-endorphins to release, whereas short-term anaerobic training produces significant levels of the opioid (the more intense the better).

    At Tekne retreats Ibiza we have lots of different activities and classes to tar

    Beach training with Tekne Fitness Retreats Ibiza

    Working out in a group in beautiful surroundings works to boost your high.

    get both. From country bike rides to intensive boxing training you are going to get a high on your retreat.

    In another study, an acute bout of Olympic weightlifting caused elevations in beta-endorphin. This was low-volume resistance training, no more than ten or fifteen seconds of actual honest work, but the intensity was high enough to provoke the exercise high. Overall, it’s high intensity anaerobic work that produces the biggest endorphin rush. As for the endocannabinoids, intensity is key there, too.


  3. Eating

    Healthy food Tekne Fitness Retreat Ibiza

    We put great emphasis on healthy and nutritious food throughout your stay at Casa Tekne.

    Eating delicious fresh organic food cooked by one of our talented in house chefs will certainly make you smile.

    Eating healthy food provides an immediate intellectual high in knowing that you’re putting nutrients in your body that will enhance your health and appearance. It also provides a physical high as your body converts the healthy food into a strong and steady stream of energy and sense of well-being. Your body’s reaction to high sugar, salt, and fatty foods is just the opposite.

    Eating chilli peppers not only provides a vast array of health benefits, but they also stimulate the release of endorphins. Use them generously in your recipes for your health and for the natural highs that they produce.


  4. Being Courageous and Bold

    When you do something that you are afraid of a natural high follows. The more courageous and bold the action the greater the high. In other words, the more afraid you are of something the greater the natural high after you have faced it.

    A Tekne retreats Ibiza there is bound to be something you have not tried before. Don’t worry our team are there to guide you will definitely enjoy a high achieving a personal gaol.

    Eating in great company and then a relaxing shady siesta to help digestion. This is certainly a high that you will remember if you are taking a break from a busy city life.

  5. Get a Massage

    One of the greatest pleasures in life and different way to get high is getting a massage.

    A massage can also cause the release of endorphins. Just thinking about a massage, makes my eyelids heavy and my muscles beg for the skilful hands of one of our licensed massage therapist. We have a great team of different types of massage and relaxation treatments.

  6. Love

    Falling in love is the ultimate way to get high.

    After a few days on this island you will fall in love with its many beautiful vistas. At Tekne Retreats Ibiza you will see lots of different parts of the island from stunning little bays to lush woodland.

    Ibiza hike healthy holidays

    Discover the other side of Ibiza with our special healthy holidays.

  7. Nature

    Most of us are so removed from our natural surroundings— the natural outdoor environment , that leaving the city and going where the cell towers don’t reach feels like entering an altered state of consciousness, deep in the redwoods, or alone on a mountaintop, I feel different. I notice new things. My brain works better. I get high by virtue of eliminating the extraneous sensory clutter of the city. Here in Ibiza we have such great air quality and stunning nature you will certainly get high connecting with it.


  8. Music

    Ibiza is the home of great music, we have Dj’s who help us out with great tracks.
    Listening to music that really moves you also stimulates the release of those lovely endorphins. The greater the effect the music has on you the greater the release of endorphins. Training to music really helps keep focus too and a great way to get high.

  9. Dream

    Remember how you’d hang out at night with your friends, looking up at the stars, just thinking and talking about how immense and crazy and impossible and possible everything is? Remember when you were filled with wonder? Dreaming is one thing that still gets to me and makes me feel like a kid again. With no light pollution here at Casa Tekne Ibiza we have direct access to the galaxy at night. It’s the great mystery that we get to explore every night.

Des is the founder and head coach at Tekne Fitness Retreats Ibiza. He is a gymnast with over 20 years extensive coaching experience. His specialty lies in inspirational and fun teaching techniques for all ages.


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