5 Benefits of Functional Training

Functional Training at beach with Tekne Fitness Retreats Ibiza

There is a great trend in gyms adopting functional training, movement based exercise, and calisthenics. Which in my view is a great thing! Many people train to injury because of poor movement and limited flexibility. This is why we at Tekne Retreats Ibiza put stress on the right movement techniques rather than just heavy lifting. Monkeying around for exercise is a great start!

What is functional training

  • Monkeying around at Tekne Fitness Retreats Ibiza

    Monkeying around is a good start!

    Functional training has its origins in rehabilitation and physical therapy. To enable people to get back to work and perform tasks without causing further problems.

  • Fabio Martella wrote that most fitness facilities provide a variety of weight training machines, which target and isolate specific muscles. As a result, the movements do not necessarily bear any relationship to the movements people usually make in their regular activities.
  • You can recognize “Gym Bodies” in men who tend to have large inward rotated shoulders and chests, big biceps but unequal triceps. This imbalances the body’s structure and strength and can lead to problems.
  • With functional training, there is more scope to have fun with exercises to enhance balance and physical intelligence. This is what Tekne retreats are all about.

At Tekne retreats Ibiza we encourage confident free movement and challenge restricted movement patterns.

5 benefits of functional training

  1. Squats, a basic excercise at Tekne Fitness Retreats Ibiza

    Squats move blood through your lower intestine and colon.

    Functional Training uses the body as a whole and therefore leads to an even and well balanced muscle tone throughout the body. This brings you in overall shape.

  2. By evenly building your strength, the joints are not put under misaligned strain. This way we prevent injuries and long term joint problems.
  3. Movement patterns learned during functional training increase your body awareness and confidence. At Tekne Retreats Ibiza we often see a massive shift in peoples confidence. It starts physically and is quickly translated to the mental state. So often people find inspiration to implement real changes in their life.
  4. Functional training movement skills require coordination. So practising them increases hand eye coordination and general motor skills.
  5. Functional training encourages a wider range of active motion. This pushes oxygenated blood around the body. Squats for example, when done properly, move blood through your lower intestine and colon. It is not surprising that the half of the world that regularly squats rather than sitting on chairs suffer much less colon cancer than we do in the west!
Des is the founder and head coach at Tekne Fitness Retreats Ibiza. He is a gymnast with over 20 years extensive coaching experience. His specialty lies in inspirational and fun teaching techniques for all ages.

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